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I’m on a train and the attendant has checked me three times because I am an actual swamp creature.

What does the tat on your arm mean? It's truly fascinating!

Hey! It doesn’t mean anything, I just doodled it up on graphing paper one day and the next decided to go get it tattooed!

WOW that is sexy are the girls you are in the pic with naked lovers of yours or just friends or just modles for a photo shoot? Have you or would you ever do an orgy with a number of lucky men and or women?


Assuming you mean these photos - Auryn and Vex are all of those things, and more. We met through and initially got together to shoot photos, but we are very good friends and love each other a lot and they have really pretty butts that I am lucky enough to kiss and spank and stuff.

And no to the orgy, hahaha.


I love that the actual premise of this photo set was that we were  just hanging around naked on the bed petting cats and stuff already so… and who even knows why we were naked aside from that we’re always naked when we’re together :3

Woke up to a message from an old friend letting me know he will be in town (or like on this island anyway so that’s close enough) next month and now I’m really looking forward to September.

The relationship I have with the few people I’ve stayed friends with through middle/high school is really healthy and exactly what I feel it should be. We don’t talk for months or even years but there’s no hesitation in meeting whenever we are within a 300mile radius of each other, no questions of ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ or dwelling on the pen, and it always picks up between us as if not a single beat has been missed. It’s like we’ve unconsciously connected on the deepest level of respect possible with minimal amount of words and it fucking amazes me that I am capable of that kind of emotion.

Through all of the bad decisions and life choices and changing and growing that we’ve done it’s pretty hard to believe that we can keep a connection of any kind but it’s there and it’s not going anywhere.